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Emergency Steering Cord

Emergency Steering Cord

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Fitting the emergency steering cord to your craft:

  • Remove the emergency steering cord from its bag.
  • Place the canvas noose around the tail of your craft.
  • Hook the stainless steel tiller hook around or through the rudder cable/line attachment point.
  • The Shock cord (elastic/bungee) should be pulled tight but not fully extended. It should not be slack.
  • The cord should pull the rudder tiller back just past centre.
  • If the stainless steel hook cant reach the tiller then increase the size of the noose using the slider and ladder lock.
  • If it reaches too easily and the cord is slack then decrease the size of the noose using the slider and ladder lock.
  • Once fitted place it back in the bag and store in your PFD or craft equipment hatch.
  • Hopefully that is the last time you ever have to use it.

Using the Emergency Steering Cord:

  • Locate and take the emergency steering cord out of its bag. Place the noose over your wrist; you don't want to drop it.
  • Raft up with another paddler.
  • If alone you will need to get in the water. Remain leashed to your craft.
  • Open up access to the rudder tiller or steering mechanism at the back of your craft.
  • If you are rafted up next to a fellow paddler give them the the emergency steering cord.
  • Slip the noose over the tail and hook the stainless steel hook onto the tiller, ON THE SAME SIDE STILL CONNECTED TO THE PEDALS.
  • The cord will pull the rudder back to centre (or just past) and you will be able to steer.


  • One size fits most surfskis and kayaks with understern rudders.
  • Comes in an easy-to-stow mesh bag with attachment loop.
  • Adjustable noose fits over the tail of your craft.
  • Strong stainless steel hook to hook onto rudder tiller.
  • High quality, strong 5mm shock cord.

Care instructions:

  • Always inspect your Emergency Steering Cord before paddling.
  • After regular contact with salt water wash in soapy water, rinse with fresh water and hang up to dry out of direct sunlight.
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