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The Devizes – Westminster 2015: Will the Record Go Down?

by Ivan Lawler | Ultimate Kayaks | via Last weekend there was a Devizes-Westminster (or fondly known as the DW) Pre-Race called the Waterside Race.  Winning that race in a record time was a remarkable mixed doubles crew (that’s correct mixed doubles crew) of Keith Moule and Lizzi Broughton.  They won the 35 mile race […]

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VIDEO: Performance Soulmates! The Nelo Cinco K1

Here at Mocke Paddling we pursue performance first through inspiration and then through design and innovation.  When we happen on other brands or companies doing the same thing, we just get really excited and can completely support what they are doing!  We just LOVE seeing people push the boundaries and do new things. Maybe it’s […]

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The field paddling through the Auckland Harbour 2014 King of the Harbour

Stage Set for Race #1 World Surfski Series

AUCKLAND KING & QUEEN OF THE HARBOUR KICKS OFF THE 2015 WORLD SURFSKI SERIES! New Zealand’s National Ocean Racing Championship once again graces the Surfski World Series on the 7th March 2015, after a hiatus of a few years. International paddling greats have used this event to pick up some much sought after points in […]

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Shaun Rubenstein Doing Dusi on a Sit On Top K1

It’s not inside, its sit on top for Dusi 2015 Former Olympic sprinter and Marathon World Champion Shaun Rubenstein will be setting off on his eighth Dusi Canoe Marathon on Thursday 19 February pioneering a brand new sit-on-top style canoeing that has just be legalised by Canoeing South Africa. Rubenstein (Brent Oil/Carbonology Sport) finished third […]

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Paracanoe an Official Event at Rio 2016

CanoeKayak Canada – The International Paralympic Committee has approved six Paracanoe kayak events for the 2016 Paralympic Games in the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Paracanoe became a Paralympic sport in 2010 but research needed to be conducted on the classification system before the sport could be officially adopted into the Paralympic program. The IPC Governing […]

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5 Capes Logo

Paddle the 5 Capes with the Mocke Brothers

5 Capes. 9 Days.  A Lifetime of Memories An expedition with Dawid & Jasper Mocke:  Monday 23 March – Tuesday 31 March 2015 Join Dawid and Jasper Mocke as they take you on a journey of adventure and exploration during this paddling expedition of the amazing southern coast of Africa. Together you cannot ask for two […]

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