Tom surfs his way to the finish of the 2015 Cape Town Downwind. Pic: Cape Town Sport Photography

Name + Age (2016):
Tom Schilperoort, 29

Industrial Designer

Years paddling:
13 Years

Which paddling disciplines do you compete in? Eg. Surfski, river marathon, flat-water marathon, flat water sprint, S.U.P etc:
Surfski, river marathon, flat-water marathon

Favourite race:
I really am struggling to answer this question. There are so many great races. Honestly my favourite race is probably the one that I’m looking forward to doing next. Whether its the local 10km time trial or the Molokai which I’m doing next month. I always enjoy the build up to the next race. Races I feel nostalgia for at the moment: Mauritius Ocean Classic, Molokai, Fish, Green Kalahari Canoe Marathon, Durban World Cups a few years back
What about paddling keeps you paddling?
Just the love of the sport. Cant get enough of it.

Were (or are you) a champ at any other sport?
Does winning the Cottesloe Park run last weekend count?

Why paddling above other sports?
I love the fact that its a mixture of competitive sport and adventure. We race in places that not many people experience. It’s such a privilege. The paddling community is also really special. Paddlers are the same the around the world.

Greatest paddling achievement ( or top 3!)
To still be paddling lots and loving it after 13 years

Most memorable life achievement outside of paddling.
I once went 35 days straight having a full English breakfast every morning. (eggs, bacon, coffee etc.)

What is your favourite MOCKE product, why?
Definitely the Mocke Racer PFD. Its a product that has been developed over a period of time and is now perfectly suited to paddlers that love to race.