“Where is the action? I’m ready to paddle!” Achieve Ocean Expert status.

Price: R650 (4 session set) or R200 (single session)


You have now reached a new level of paddling but it’s time to improve. To achieve Ocean Expert is going to take some work and dedication. The focus here is specifically improving your skills, technique and fitness so that, in the end, surf ski paddling will be second nature to you.

Here you will be put through your paces in an effort to get your skills (and body) to the Ocean Expert status. This level will be attained when you’ve successfully completed a series of surfski races and, done an open ocean downwind paddle with us.

The Ocean Expert sessions are training sessions that incorporate practicing all the skills you’ll need to be on the top of your game.  Of course they’re lots of fun too. You’ll learn about training as well as hone your skills, and once you’ve got it waxed, you’ll put it to the test.

You will get an Ocean Paddler certificate which means you are capable of Open Ocean Paddling (>1km, <3km offshore), can complete a 8-10km surfski race and can do downwind paddling in wind speeds up to 15knots.  You are ALSO able to judge when conditions are beyond your skill level.  You can now claim the Ocean Expert status.

Once you have achieve Ocean Expert, you move to the next level:  OCEAN ADVANCED (Note: Info on this level is available at Surfskishool)