Individual Sessions – Paddling when it suits you best

We offer paddling any day of the week except on Sundays or when our Group Sessions are on.

Whether you would like to try surfski paddling, need some one-on-one paddling coaching or you (and your paddling buddies) would like some extra paddling time – Individual Sessions are the way to go.

Basics, technique, balance, how to catch a wave, go downwind, whatever it is you would like to learn we will help you in a more concentrated lesson.

Book an Individual Paddling session now!


For more information you can CALL THE OFFICE ON 021 782 4311 or Dawid 084 251 5555.

We will then arrange an instructor for you who will give you an individual lesson on whatever you desire, whether it’s just for fun or improving your paddling.

Individual sessions are dependent on the weather and Instructor availability.

Individual lessons have proven to be particularly successful with improving technique, wave and downwind skills.