Start a Training Centre

The Surfski School, established and run by the Mockes, is offering an ‘Official Surfski School Accreditation & License’  to prospective paddling training centres and/or clubs wishing to implement the established business and coaching model designed and used by Dawid and Nikki Mocke.

The Surfski School, started by Dawid and Nikki in 2002, was the first official training centre of its kind worldwide, dedicated to introducing and coaching surfski paddling.  Out of their experience as paddlers and successful coaches, Dawid and Nikki Mocke developed a simple and very effective model for coaching surfski paddling, from beginner to advanced; and operating a paddling coaching  business.  This model has been successfully implemented in 2 other locations in South Africa as well as abroad.

This model is now available for implementation to clubs or training centres as an Official Mocke Surfski School License.  It also means that your club or training centre will carry an official endorsement from Dawid and Nikki Mocke in their capacity as founders of the Surfski School.

Being officially licensed with Surfski School Accreditation means your training centre will be proficient to instruct and coach surfski paddling and will be able to accomplish the following successfully:

  • Have a clear model for introducing and coaching new paddlers
  • Have a clear model for advancing the skills of paddlers
  • Objectively define and successfully manage different levels of expertise
  • Successful and effective booking and class management
  • Safe, yet effectively challenging ,venue selection and use
  • Coaching area Set-up
  • Defined staff duties and responsibilities
  • Specific and defined session plans and outcomes
  • Identifying and correcting the most Common Paddler Mistakes
  • Do Basic Proficiency Testing
  • Take advanced training sessions
  • And more…

The Official Surfski School License and Accreditation is an asset for any club or training centre wishing to coach or instruct surfski paddling and further the sport of surfski paddling.

To apply for a Surfski School Accreditation License:

1. Initial telephonic interview and discussion with Dawid Mocke regarding your centre
2. Submission of the Detailed Application Form which will include:
–  Details of prospective Operators and Operational staff
–  Details of club or venue
–  Photographic and video media of coaching and instruction site
–  Motivating letter
–  Letters of endorsement
3. Travel to Fish Hoek, South Africa during either November or April ( to be discussed, or vice versa)
4. Planned Launch Date
5. Seasonal Feedback including reporting on marketing efforts


  • The accreditation is an official agreement between parties
  • It carries a once off investment fee
  • It requires an annual (no cost) renewal
  • Requires submission of specific seasonal data and feedback

To apply for accreditation of you Club or Training Centre please send and email to: