The Surfskischool Official Instructor Certification and Accreditation Program

Available for the first time world wide, the Mocke’s are offering a structured course to become an official Surfski Instructor.  Once completed, attendees will be officially licensed by the Surfski School to introduce, coach and instruct surfski paddling at a beginner to intermediate level.  The course is done at Surfskischool headquarters in, Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa.

As an official Surfskischool Instructor you will be able to further the sport of surfski paddling through coaching and instruction with established instruction skills and methods.  You will also create a way to earn an income from coaching surfski paddling.

You will learn to:

  • Introduce newcomers to surfski paddling,
  • The basics of technique coaching,
  • Teaching and Improving paddlers’ ocean skills
  • Work with a group of paddlers,
  • Set up and manage a coaching area
  • Implement and enforce Safety standards

Obtaining your Instructor Certificate will involve the following:

  1. An intensive and practical training weekend (International Applicants may apply for a shorter period)
  2. Practical work experience at the Fish Hoek based Surfski School
  3. Theoretical work and exam to test: understanding of various ocean paddling principles, working with groups and individuals, administrative tasks, thorough knowledge and understanding of Surfskischool Operations
  4. Practical exam demonstrating knowledge and understanding of above
  5. Lots of paddling

To enroll for our instructor’s course contact us on: and request an Application Form.