Dawid Mocke Paddling Workshops & Coaching 2018


Since starting the first Surfski School in 2002, Dawid has made it his mission (and profession) to share and teach everything he knows and has learnt about ocean paddling.  Now you have the opportunity to draw and learn from his extensive knowledge and base of experience to improve and further your paddling.

Dawid’s coaching workshops are extensive, in-depth and interactive.  You can expect to cover topics such as: The Absolutely Need To Know Skills; All Commonly Made Mistakes and how to avoid them; How to Rapidly improve your Ability; Technique Explained in Simple Terms; How to improve and advance your Downwind Paddling.

In Downwind specific workshops you can expect to cover topics such as:  the basic pillars of downwind paddling to finding the runs; from specific skill enhancing downwind drills to advanced racing tips; from stroke correction to paddle choice, length and angle; from boat choice to the perfect boat set-up; and from nutrition to the paddler’s ‘mind’.

Dawid’s coaching sessions are aimed at helping you improve immediately and set a foundation for continued future improvement.