Dawid Mocke Paddling Workshops & Coaching 2019

GORGE DOWNWIND CHAMPS 2019:  15 – 19 July


Jump into a double surfski and do a downwind run with Dawid Mocke.

During this session you can expect, firstly, a fantastic downwind paddling experience; but also to cover topics such as:

  • the basic pillars of downwind paddling
  • rules to follow to paddle downwind better
  • where to find the runs
  • surfing and linking the runs
  • …and have loads of fun!

Dawid’s coaching sessions are aimed at helping you improve immediately and set a foundation for continued future improvement.

Contact Dawid now to book your spot!

  • Comms will be mostly via Whatsapp.
    Dawid will be in contact with you directly via email to discuss arrangements and logistics.