The New Lifeline Calf Leash

Our Lifeline Calf Leash is intentionally designed, and made, with features you absolutely, 100% need.

We were also very intent on removing features you absolutely DON’T need.

The MOCKE Lifeline Calf leash is a, strong, durable, one piece leash designed for open water paddling.  It boasts a a unique and simple rip-release (and attach) system making it effective yet easy to use.

When paddling in any kind of open water, being separated from your craft is your number one safety concern.  Therefore your number one safety accessory is your craft leash.  Because of this we have always taken our leash design extremely seriously.

Quest for the Perfect Leash

Our attempt to create a fail-safe leash has taken the MOCKE Life line calf leash through a number of design cycles (four to be exact), making it the world’s leading downwind and open water safety leash.  But improvements can always be made, and the new life line boasts a number of design and safety improvements.

Calf Strap Quick Release and Attach System

With some deliberate and very careful design changes we’ve been able to eliminate the need for a stainless steel quick release buckle making the leash one complete unit.  To achieve this we moved the swivel point, adjusted the Velcro length and placement, and significantly enhanced the release tab, to create a leash that can easily be removed or attached without relying on a buckle or snap shackle.

Thicker, longer chord

We’ve increased the length and thickness of the polyurethane chord by using bigger diameter coils.  This means less strain on the chord in the event of a capsize, however keeping the chord at a manageable length.

Improved Double Swivel Attachment points

We continue to be the only paddler safety leash that uses the double swivel system to prevent twisting and breaking of the chord.  We’ve stepped it up and now use a stronger, more pronounced base for our swivels.

Shape Holding Webbing

We are using a denser weaved webbing which means the closing end of the calf strap is easy to locate and pull over to attach. While it needs practice, this attachment method is simpler, and quicker than using a buckle.

Nylon string and Velcro Attachment Point

Finally, we’ve added a Velcro/string combo to accommodate for the variety of ways the leash could be attached to your craft.  This makes for an extremely versatile leash that can literally be attached anywhere.

Simple, effective and comfortable

We believe that the updates to one of our best selling products renew the reliability you have come to expect from our calf leash. With the broader calf strap and carefully thought of design features, we believe that we have the most comfortable paddler leash on the market.

There are some provisos….

Whenever you are using your leash there are some VERY important things to consider.  Firstly, your calf leash device is designed as an OPEN WATER TETHER ONLY.  IT IS NOT DESIGNED to be under load or to be force bearing and it will snap under load or force.  Thus, you should NOT USE IT AS A SURFING LEASH IN BREAKING WAVES.

Train Yourself…

The best way to ensure your safety in open water is to not have to rely on the leash at all.  Train yourself to not lose your craft in the event of capsizing without relying on a leash. That is your primary safety responsibility. Your leash is only a fall-back safety option when capsizing.

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