The Deluxe Paddle Bag Story

The Back Story

One day, my hands full, uncomfortably walking with my gear I thought: “My paddle bag should do more than just cover my paddle?”  Here is the back story to the Deluxe Paddle Bag.

Carting Gear

My career as an athlete began in the surf lifesaving movement.  One of the first things you learn to do as a lifesaver (after surf swimming) is carting your gear all over the beach!

I started lifesaving as a nipper and progressed through the age groups until juniors and then seniors.  My performance was also a progression.  From barely being able to complete a race before the next heat was on the water, to being competitive, to finally racing for victory.  Moving through the ranks of surf lifesaving, there are some idiosyncrasies which you learn to deal with effectively. Being in the sun and wind all day, lots of walking on soft sand and waiting for events to start, are all energy tapping situations to be overcome.  But for me, the biggest irritation was carting my surfski, paddle board, paddles and gear (for the entire day!) down to the beach; closely followed by keeping it all together and accessible.

Going Training

Carting gear at events is one thing, but similarly, especially as a paddler, going training, and then off to work or school afterwards, also requires a fair bit of stuff to be brought along, as well as wet kit to be taken away!  You need your post-paddling kit and a space to put the wet stuff afterwards.  Of course, other equipment such training aids also need to be packed somewhere.  Finally, you’re also often faced with having to carry your boat and paddles and kit bag from your car, down to the water and back again.  Simply going training is not always that simple.

Weekend Warrior-ing

As soon as I started doing short trips to events around the country I had another realisation: ‘Paddling right’ and ‘Travelling light’ are not mutually compatible – paddling is not running, and you’ll be needing some packing space.  Paddles, PFD, 2 sets of gear and clothing all need to come along.  Most times this necessitated a few bags to get the job done, even for just a short trip.


When I started competing regularly at events, I realised I’m regularly reaching for a tool of some kind. Duct tape, two-part epoxy glue or some other oddity are things you find in a paddler’s bag (or with Mary Poppins). These are constantly needed to fix, modify or improve boats and paddles.

One Paddler, One Bag

The MOCKE Deluxe Paddle bag is a first of its kind in more ways than one.  I designed the bag because I wanted only one paddle bag for training, competing and travelling.

You can keep your gear together and accessible.  You can pack your dry kit and your wet kit. You can pack even a bit more and go on a trip.  And you can keep handy all the regular tools and oddities a paddler needs.

This bag can be carried like a back pack. Now you have two hands, and arms, free to get your boat off the roof and carry it hassle free.

Our bag is also big enough, but not bulky, meaning it is practical and can’t be overpacked.  This bag doesn’t live at the hotel room, it comes down to the water with you!

A Bigger Purpose

The MOCKE Deluxe Paddle Bag was born to serve a purpose bigger than just covering your paddles.  It was designed to help you perform at your best by making it easier to carry your gear, go training and travel.  Your Mocke Deluxe Paddle bag , like all MOCKE products, is born from passion, serves a purpose and is designed for performance!

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