Race to win?


“Get to the front…or die trying!”

This is one of our favourite Mocke quotes. What does it mean?

Are you always 100% prepared? The answer is “No” you aren’t.

To help answer the question of what it means, it’s helpful to ask another question, specifically with regards to race-day performance.  Are you always mentally prepared for what’s coming your way after the start gun goes?  Although we really try to cover all the bases in training before a race, the reality is that we can never really be fully prepared for what comes our way on race day. This is because there are 2 major contributing variables we will never be able to control no matter how hard we try: the Conditions and our Competitors.  The conditions out there on the field are going to be what they are going to be, and your competitors, well you have no idea where they are physically and mentally on the start line, and you also can’t control what they will do or how they will race.  And it’s these two simple variables and elements that are absolutely essential to the magic of an awesome contest. It’s those unknowns which make sports so incredible to be a part of and to spectate!

So if you can’t control those two variables, what can you do to ensure that you have your best race?  Well, that’s where our little quote comes out to play.

What it means to “Get to the front or die trying” is that you are mentally prepared to do everything physically possible to get to the front, and that your attitude is one of: “Racing to win“.

Race to Win!

When you approach a race like this you are guaranteed to always bring your best…and then some. Once you have done that, then the chips can fall where they may because at least you’ve done what you can…EVERYTHING you can…to get that 1st place. Not that you are necessarily always going to get it. Of course you can’t win everything. We know that much. You can “Race to Win” but at the end of the day the results aren’t completely in your control, no matter what you do.  But in the very least, when you are ready to “Die trying”, you are mentally prepared to literally take your body to its outer limits in a contest; that you are prepared to go for it 100%; to fight for it; to compete for it; to wrestle for it.  And when you’ve done that, then at the end of the day, the results don’t really matter.

Pete Marlin Start at Orient Beach
It’s your reasonable duty – to give 100%!

When you’ve lined up on a start line, surely you are there to give the best account of yourself?

Surely you are there to measure yourself against others?

Surely you are there to compete?

You owe it to yourself, for all the hours and dark mornings and miles on your arms and sacrifices you’ve made.

More importantly, you owe it not only to yourself, because no man is an island – you also owe it to everyone in your circle, your tribe, your significant others – the people who’ve supported you right up to this point, to this moment; where you are lined up and ready to go.  Surely, if anything, you owe it to them to give it your absolute best?

And finally, you owe it to your competitors, the ones lined up next to you, who have similarly brought themselves to the start line; paid their dues as much as you have. You owe it to them to give your best! Because at the end of this contest they are nothing without you, and you are nothing without them.

Without a competitor, there is no competition, there is no measurement, there can be no Win or Lose, no Glory or Loss, or anything in-between.  Because to compete, to contest and to wrestle for the crown is the most noble of athletic endevours!

Contentment or Disappointment – You Choose.

The last thing you want after a race is to feel that you had more to give but for some reason you just didn’t. They say winning isn’t everything, and we agree with that, there are many more priorities in life.  However there is a big difference between racing to win and just racing. In one instance you are attacking first place, as opposed to another instance where you are merely defending a position or hoping for the best.  If you are just going through the motions, and not giving the best account of yourself, you will leave with dissapointment.

In every contest you will find athletes that are somehow always able to lift their performance beyond the abilities they showed during training – and it’s these athletes that understand what it means to:

“Get to the front, or Die Trying!”

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