Product Recall: Mocke Life Line Calf Strap

The newly launched MOCKE Life Line consists of two main parts:

  1. calf strap
  2. coil

We have picked up a serious manufacturing defect in our first batch of the newly launched MOCKE Life Line Calf Straps. It involves how the stainless steel D-ring (used to attach the calf strap to the coil) is sewn into the nylon webbing of the calf strap. During the manufacturing process a critical assembly step was ignored by our factory which highly jeopardizes the strength and reliability of the D-Ring attachment.

MOCKE Life Line Recall

The attachment of the D-Ring is a stress point in the leash and is required to be very strong, but unfortunately in the first batch this is not the case. In effect, the only thing currently holding the D-ring onto the calf strap is a few yarns of nylon thread meant for cosmetic purposes! We cannot stress more how seriously MOCKE is taking this. We are talking about a device that might have to save someone’s life one day; and if it fails, the worst could happen.

Official recall:

No matter what the cost involved, we cannot afford to have these calf straps out there. Therefore MOCKE is recalling the 100 MOCKE Life Line calf straps sold between 1 July 2013 and 5 September 2013. If you bought your calf strap during this period, please return it to the retailer where you bought it. You will receive a free, upgraded and safe MOCKE calf strap as replacement. Please note, it is only the calf strap that is faulty, not the coil. Coils will not be replaced. This is an expensive operation for us, but you can’t place a price tag on this. There is so much more at stake.

What about the coil, why is that not being recalled?

After performing very thorough strength tests on the Life Line coil, we are satisfied that it is utterly reliable and safe to use. Consequently we have no reason to recall the Life Line coil as well.

If you have any questions about returning your calf strap, please contact us at: