Daw and Matt make Keith's

Fish River Fame, all the Day1’s action.

By Dawid

Daw and Matt make Keith's
It was a personal victory for me as I finally managed to shoot Keith’s Flyover successfully. Many will lift an eyebrow to that – haha. Despite being 4th at one stage my splashie kept coming off and this cost us many places during the day. But I’ll take making Keith’s and a top 10 (and awesome paddle down the river) with my buddy Matt any day.

For the almost entire A batch today’s top paddlers in Hansa Fish River Marathon, the story of their day started within one minute of the start on Grassridge Dam.  A howling wind had created a maelstrom of chop and 90% of the field completely overlooked this small but very important change in conditions.  Usually paddlers start with their splashcovers off as there is a portage over the dam wall to get into the river.  The crews that had the sense to put their splashies on first made massive gains.

Biggs and Glass
Ben Biggs and Alasdair Glass were a fairytale today. Here they are at Double Trouble.

For the later Batches of paddlers, the massive wind and fate of the A batch paddlers, meant that safety officials made them walk the long hard 4km to the river put-in.  A very sad start to their day.

One of the crews that did put their splashies on and went on to have a  fairytale race, were Ben Biggs and Alasdair Glass.  They got their noses ahead of most of the field and stayed there the whole day ending up in 2nd place.

One of the crews that DID NOT put on their splashies early were Hank Mcgregor and Grant van der Walt.  The 2011 defending Champs fell to a similar fate as their counterparts and very nearly sank across the dam.  But they had an amazing paddle down the first 10km of the river to pull right back up to 1st place – a phenomenal feat.

Behind them ensued tales of heartache or happiness as crews battled the mighty rapids of the great Fish River.  Keith’s flyover claimed its usual plethora of victims, while Double Trouble, Toastrack and Soutpans weren’t being overlooked as boat bashers throughout the day.

Soutpans Rapid
Soutpans Rapid is one of the big ones and this pic just captures what some of the war stories will be at the end of the day.




1. Hank McGregor/Grant Van der Walt 2:46.39

2. Ben Biggs/Alasdair Glass 2:50.48

3. Len Jenkins/Greg Louw 2:51.33

4. Brandon van der Walt/Stuart Maclaren (U23) 2:52.16

5. Tomas Slovak (CZE)/Tobias Bong (GER) 2:52.55

6. Lance Kime/Thulani Mbanjwa 2:53.29

7. Ivan Kruger/Valentin Henot (FRA) (U23) 2:55.12

8. Brett Bartho/Sibonelo Zondi 2:55.23

9. Pierre-Andre Rabie/Clinton Cook 2:55.24

10. Dawid Mocke/Matthew Bouman 2:56.12

11. Gavin White/Louw van Riet 2:57.52

12. Loveday Zondi/Thando Ngamlana 2:58.57

13. Jakub Adam (CZE)/Lukas Trefil (CZE) 2:59.23

14. Gavin Shuter/Murray Starr (U23) 2:59.25

15. Josh Kippin (AUS)/Simon Roll (AUS) 2:59.46

16. Louis Hattingh/Bryan le Roux (U18) 3:00.25

17. Travis Wilson/Tyler Wilson (U18) 3:00.26

18. Richard Hala (CZE)/Jonatán Srámek (CZE) (U23) 3:01.26

19. Jordan Zeelie/Calvin Zeelie (U23) 3:01.26

20. Ryan Louw/Stuart Laing 3:03.38


1. Abby Adie/Anna Adamova (CZE) 3:06.11

2. Robyn Kime/Bridgitte Hartley 3:08.28

3. Danica Bartho/Michelle Burn 3:17.26

4. Jenna Ward/Kerry Segal (U23) 3:17.33

5. Hilary Pitchford/Brittany Pietersen 3:18.47

6. Jordan Peek/Cana Peek (U18) 3:32.17

7. Kirstin Wessels/Janine Linder 3:33.49

8. Kirsten Penderis/Jodi Cleworth 3:34.17

9. Robyn Henderson/Debbie Lewis 3:34.25

10. Kim van Gysen/Kirsten Gelderblom 3:35.22

Girls at Double Trouble
The Leading girls at Double Trouble. Adie and Adamanova put in a flawless run to claim the top place in Day 1

U23 Men

1. Brandon van der Walt/Stuart Maclaren 2:52.16

2. Ivan Kruger/Valentin Henot (FRA) 2:55.12

3. Gavin Shuter/Murray Starr 2:59.25

U23 Women

1. Jenna Ward/Kerry Segal 3:17.33

2. Candice Murray/Anna Notten 3:38.24

3. Jenna Starr/Julia Trodd 3:51.07

Junior Boys

1. Louis Hattingh/Bryan le Roux 3:00.25

2. Travis Wilson/Tyler Wilson 3:00.26

3. Damon Stamp/Mthobisi Cele 3:07.15

Junior Girls

1.Jordan Peek/Cana Peek 3:32.17

Mixed Doubles

1. Andrew Adie/Alex Adie 3:08.41

2. Tom Schilperoort/Samantha Murray 3:11.37

3. Michael Farringer/Frances Beresford 3:17.58


1. Nicholas Burden/Colin Burden/Paul Burden 3:14.06

2. Jacques Theron/Jen Theron/Cobie Theron 3:14.51

3. Jody Taylor/Duane Taylor/Matt Elliot 3:15.58