Calm Intense and Finding your flow – Jasper Mocke Speaks with Nick Murray

One of our favourite Mocke Athletes may be best known as the younger brother of paddling legend Dawid Mocke, but Jasper Mocke is in every way a legend in his own right. Jasper is an incredibly talented athlete with several notable accomplishments including World Surfski Champion in 2014, World Champion in K2 Marathon 2014, 2016 and 2017, as well as being a 3x Perth Doctor Downwind champion.

Jasper partners up with Dawid to spread their wealth of knowledge to guests of their famous Downwind Camps on the Miller’s Run course in Cape Town.

In this interview, Jasper speaks to Nick Murray of TC Surfski and shares his experiences and outlooks on paddling, the nuances of downwind paddling and his shift in approach to training now that he is a father of 2.

Enjoy the podcast!


Jasper is his favourite place. Pic: John Hishin/Cape Town Sports Photography
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