Photo credit - Caroline and Sam Lovick
Photo credit – Caroline and Sam Lovick

Name + Age (2016):

Josh Jones-Rew, 17


I am about to start a plumbing apprenticeship with a paddling legend in Surf lifesaving – Ben Allen

Years paddling:

I have been paddling now for 7 years

Which paddling disciplines do you compete in? Eg. Surfski, river marathon, flat-water marathon, flat water sprint, S.U.P etc:

I compete in surfski mainly in lifesaving, flat water sprint and marathon paddling and outrigger.

Favourite race, why?

It’s too hard for me to pick a favourite race because I love them all for different reasons, but the main connection between them is that racing is challenging and so much fun.

What about paddling keeps you paddling?

I don’t ever really think too much about long term goals but I have always dreamed about competing at the Olympic Games. The main thing that keeps me going back to paddling is I have realised that paddling is what makes me happy and that’s where I find myself, out on the water.

Were (or are you) a champ at any other sport?

I hold national titles in all the paddling sports I do but other than paddling I don’t do anything else.

Why paddling above other sports?

Paddling feels natural and exciting, you’re always one with nature and I love the idea that I get what I want out of the work I put in.

Greatest paddling achievement ( or top 3!)

My greatest paddling achievement to date would have to be winning the K2 1000m race with Oli James at the 2016 Australian national titles. Oli is a great mate and we worked towards that goal for some time.
Most memorable life achievement outside of paddling?

I know it’s simple but I am proud of the person I am becoming by having an open mind and loving life every single step of the way. I think keeping it real is a true life achievement these days because so many people become distracted with material things and lose touch with their passion in life.

What is your favourite MOCKE product, why?

My favourite MOCKE product would have to be the Mocke Fly-Dry T, it has super comfortable light materials and you can wear it anywhere.