Name + Age:
Jasper Mocke, 30

Global brand ambassador for Epic Kayaks. Financial Manager at Feature SA Pty Ltd.

Years paddling:

Which paddling disciplines do you compete in? Eg. Surfski, river marathon, flat-water marathon, flat water sprint, S.U.P etc:
Surfski, river and flat water marathons

Favourite race, why?
The Perth Doctor. I enjoy racing in Australia and the event offers great conditions.

What about paddling keeps you paddling?
Exploring new downwind routes. The adrenalin of a sketchy situation where you are forced to use your skills to manage it. Connecting with likeminded people all over the world.

Were (or are you) a champ at any other sport?
Lifesaving before Surfski racing. I won a few SA titles.

Why paddling above other sports?
It’s quiet. You can literally leave everything and everybody behind and have your own time and space on the water. That and the fact that we can do 20km/h on the water!

Greatest paddling achievement ( or top 3!)
3x Doctor wins. World Surfski Series 2014 champion. World K2 marathon champion 2014.

Most memorable life achievement outside of paddling?
Traveling to some cool places.

What is your favourite MOCKE product, why?
Tough question, but I’d have to say the combination of the Fly Dry T and the PFD. The climate control and comfort gives me a significant advantage over my competition.