We decided to do some catching up with some of our athletes by asking them 9 questions…

1.       Tell us about last year 2016 – What was your paddling highlight of 2016

More of a coaching highlight, but coaching Maggie Hogan in Rio was very special. She (and I) put in a lot of hard work to get there. I also served as her training partner (more like just being an encouraging person hanging on her wash!). Making the switch to coaching was very rewarding! And Rio was incredible!

2.       And perhaps your lowlight too?

“Picking up an elbow injury (tore my tendon) and being in South Africa for Fish, Cape Point etc, and not being able to compete. It would have been my 10th Fish!”

3.       Some more about racing:  Which was your toughest event last year and why?

“Gorge Downwind Champs – no wind, battling with injury.”

4.       Did you learn any important life lessons (or purely practical) last year practical or life lessons?

“You can do anything you put your mind too, just not everything! Ha, an old one, but revised. I tend to over-commit, I believe you can really do anything you put your mind towards. Just try and commit to one or two major things!

5.       We all have that one training session that we just love to do and then there is that one training session which we just HATE to do. Which are yours?

“Anything involving head wind… and the dreaded 2km”

6.       How does the rest of 2017 look for you, which events are you most excited for and which events are your main goals?

“The Gorge Downwind Champs -running Paddling Workshops all week, and have a group I am coaching for the event – super excited to see how they go! And we have started a surfski school here in Newport – being employed by the Newport Aquatic Center as surfski directors- of which the school is one of our big plans! Its the FIRST one in the USA! Very excited to bring a whole of NEW paddlers into the stoke of surfski paddling.

And of course, Canoe Marathon Worlds in South Africa, as well as FISHHHHH!”

7.       When it comes to MOCKE gear, please tell us which products you enjoy most and why? 

“Loving the pfd as usual. Also enjoying the visor lately, the dark underneath does not reflect light off the ocean into my eyes! But it is nice and visible in neon yellow.”

8.       Apart from your training and racing, what keeps you busy during the day and on weekends?

“Our new business Paddle California! Growing the sport of surfski here in Newport Beach, and the whole USA!”

9.       Favourite post training coffee spot?  Do you drink coffee?  What about favourite post training meal or sandwich spot? 

“Well I am blessed to have many coffee devices. My Aeropress is my firm favourite, but I also have a Nespresso machine, and have recently acquired very cool re-usable pods, so my environmental impact is hopefully way down now! I also have a great cream frother, so I am my own barista 🙂 “