We decided to do some catching up with some of our athletes by asking them 9 questions…

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1.       Tell us about last year 2016 – What was your paddling highlight of 2016

“4th place ISA World SUP Champs which took place in Fiji.”

2.       And perhaps your lowlight too?

“Lowlights are always good to look back on as that is where you learn the most. My low light was definitely flat water racing endurance and not being able to do the Cape Point challenge.”

3.       Some more about racing:  Which was your toughest event last year and why?

“Toughest event/events were all the flat water races as I struggle to put in the hours paddling in circles on a vlei or in the canals.”

4.       Did you learn any important life lessons (or purely practical) last year practical or life lessons?

“For me life lessons are learnt every day. Competing is a journey and every event there is something to be learnt in terms of personal lessons as well as lessons about my craft performance.”

5.       We all have that one training session that we just love to do and then there is that one training session which we just HATE to do. Which are yours?

“My favourite training sessions are in the ocean, either downwind paddling or doing in and outs. The worst training sessions are flat water distance sessions.”

6.       How does the rest of 2017 look for you, which events are you most excited for and which events are your main goals?

“My main focus: world sup champs in Denmark in September.”

7.       When it comes to MOCKE gear, please tell us which products you enjoy most and why? 

“I use the Mocke pfd and water bag. They both work amazingly.”

8.       Apart from your training and racing, what keeps you busy during the day and on weekends?

“I work full time so life is crazy. Weekends I try have some kind of social life and decompress from the crazy week.”

9.       Favourite post training coffee spot?  Do you drink coffee?  What about favourite post training meal or sandwich spot? 

“I drink bullet coffee. I make my own in the morning and then go to Xpression on the beach for coffees on the weekend.”