We decided to do some catching up with some of our athletes by asking them 9 questions…

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1. Tell us about last year 2016 – What was your paddling highlight of 2016

“2016 – what an interesting year it was! Matric and paddling made for a very busy and very stressfull year. It was my best junior year and I couldn’t have asked for better! From medaling in my first senior ski race in lifesaving all the way to competing in Germany at world marathon champs. For me there were two highlights of the year of racing, of which both were to do with lifesaving. The first being when I won the Senior ski title at lifesaving champs which was completely unexpected! The second was winning the single ski race in Japan at the Sanyo international lifesaving cup.”


2. And perhaps your lowlight too…. 😉 ?

“Lowlight, hmm that’s a hard one. I had so many good races last year. I do however think that my low light would have to be my two at world marathon champs. I just didn’t have the right mindset for the training before hand and didn’t properly mentally prepare for the races.”


3. Some more about racing: Which was your toughest event last year and why?

“My toughest event by far was racing the Duzi with Mpilo Zondi. We had a great day one, but wrapped our boat on day two which made a hard race a gruelling challenge. The heat, combined with the long portages makes for an extremely hard race!”


4. Did you learn any important life lessons (or purely practical) last year – practical or life lessons?

“Life lessons were learnt! My coach and I had a dispute about half way through the year which impacted a lot on my training and my mentality towards paddling. I learnt to just listen to the advice but take what I want out of paddling and ultimately do what I want.”


5. We all have that one training session that we just love to do….and then there is that one training session which we just HATE to do… Which are yours?

“My favourite session has to be a good old classic Millers run! Nothing more can be said about that! My worst (and many other people’s worst) is 2000m sessions.”


6. How does the rest of 2017 look for you, which events are you most excited for and which events are your main goals?

“2017 looks like a chilled year compared to previous years. I am focusing a bit more on my first year at uni studies but am still racing. I plan to race SA Marathon Champs and SA Surf Ski Champs and will have a crack at trying to make the worlds teams.”


7. When it comes to MOCKE gear, please tell us which products you enjoy most and why?

“My favourite Mocke gear has to be my comfy lifejacket! Both the river and surfski lifejackets are both practical and comfy!”


8. Apart from your training and racing, what keeps you busy during the day and on weekends?

“Other than training I am studying Mechanical Engineering at UCT which takes up most of my time. Other than those two I like to spend as much time with my school friends and my lifesaving friends as possible.”


9. Favourite post training coffee spot? Do you drink coffee? What about favourite post training meal or sandwich spot?

“My favourite post training coffee spot is definitely Lekker in Kalk bay! Every morning that we run with the Kalk Bay Shufflers we end off with a coffee and storytelling at Lekker. It’s always great to listen to the stories of old from the likes of Brandon Collier and Simon Van Gysen (to name a few) and new stories from the likes of Alex Adie and Jakub Adam.”