We decided to do some catching up with some of our athletes by asking them 9 questions…

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1.       Tell us about last year 2016 – What was your paddling highlight of 2016?

“Paddling highlight was a downwind from the Cape Town Waterfront along the back of Table Mountain into Cape Point Nature reserve. To paddle to and from those spots in a strong NNW, totally isolated deep in the Atlantic, was special.”

2.       And perhaps your lowlight too?

“Lowlight was trying to deal with hassling chronic injuries in my forearms and knees.”

3.       Some more about racing:  Which was your toughest event last year and why?

“Toughest event was World Marathon Champs in Germany where I won the K2 with Hank McGregor. I was crippled by a flu from the abyss days before and had to overcome some mental and physical barriers to get across the line.”

4.       Did you learn any important life lessons (or purely practical) last year practical or life lessons?

“Oh yes, many. Mainly that ‘the time is now’ for anything. If it’s in your mind then do it.”

5.       We all have that one training session that we just love to do and then there is that one training session which we just HATE to do. Which are yours?

“Love to go downwind, of course. Mostly on the Miller’s Run and I enjoy our Tuesday night time trials at Peninsula Canoe Club. I don’t hate any session really. I guess you mean tough solo interval sessions but I’m happy to do them because the outcome is to become a stronger athlete.”

6.       How does the rest of 2017 look for you, which events are you most excited for and which events are your main goals?

“Win everything haha! No but seriously. I’m lining up for events from Molokai in May, through events like Mauritius, Canada and Gorge in July right up to Cape Point Challenge in December and my intention is to win every race I compete in.”

7.       When it comes to MOCKE gear, please tell us which products you enjoy most and why?

“All of them are! And the fact that everything is designed in house and that they work together. Like the bladder and the pfd, or the flydry shirt with the windbreaker. Everything has a specific purpose.  

8.       Apart from your training and racing, what keeps you busy during the day and on weekends?

“Running a household and maintaining the back office for two retail outlets.”

9.       Favourite post training coffee spot?  Do you drink coffee?  What about favourite post training meal or sandwich spot? 

“No I’m really healthy and stuff so I never drink any coffee or eat croissants or anything but I’ve heard the guys go to Olympia Cafe or Ces’t la Vie but I wouldn’t know.”