Name + Age (2017):
Adrián Boros 26, Hungary

Professional paddler

Years paddling:

Which paddling disciplines do you compete in? Eg. Surfski, river marathon, flat-water marathon, flat water sprint, S.U.P etc:
Flat water marathon, river marathon, surfski

Favourite race, why?
Marathon world championship, I like to compete and race with all the countries! Every race is different!

What about paddling keeps you paddling?
I enjoy the racing and love all the training camps, I can travel around the world and race everywhere.

Were (or are you) a champ at any other sport?
I like running and cycling but not seriously, just for fun

Why paddling above other sports?
Because my grandfather and father were both paddlers. They taught me how to paddle.

Greatest paddling achievement ( or top 3!)
World Marathon Championships 2015 – K2 1st Place (Gyor, Hungary)
2015 Dragon run – 3rd Place ( surfski, Hong Kong )
Marathon World championship 2016 – K2 2nd Place ( Brandenburg, Germany)
Berg river marathon 2016 – K1 3rd Place ( South Africa)

Most memorablelife achievement outside of paddling ?
I like to spend my time with my family and my friends! My 25 th birthday was really good with them, everyone was there and I cooked a special Hungarian fish soup, it was a really happy time. It was great to have celebrated my birthday with everyone!

What is your favourite MOCKE product, why?
I love the shirts and the PFD. They are both so comfortable when I’m racing, doesn’t bother me, as if they weren’t there. The deluxe paddle bag also really good and useful for traveling!