Kyeta Purchase – MOCKE Athlete


Kyeta Purchase
Kyeta in action at the 2015 Bay Union Surfski Series in Durban. Pic: Anthony Grote

Name + Age (2016):
Kyeta Purchase, 17


Years paddling:
2 Years

Which paddling disciplines do you compete in? Eg. Surfski, river marathon, flat-water marathon, flat water sprint, S.U.P etc:
Surfski, river marathon, flat-water marathon & flatwater sprints

Favourite race, why?
2015 K2 World Marathon Champs, we had a great race against the senior ladies. It was exciting and rewarding to place 5th.

What about paddling keeps you paddling?
The love of water and passion for the sport.

Were (or are you) a champ at any other sport?
Swimming (full school colours) and Lifesaving

Why paddling above other sports?
Swimming became monotonous and lonely. Paddling is more of a challenge because of the variety of conditions and disciplines on offer.

Greatest paddling achievement ( or top 3!)
1) U18 K1 World Marathon Champs 2015 – 4th
2) 5th in Senior Ladies K2 at World Marathon Champs 2015
3) 1st U18/4th U23 lady at ICF Surfski World Champs in Tahiti 2015

Most memorable life achievement outside of paddling?
Lifesaving World Champs 2014

What is your favourite MOCKE product, why?
The PFD. It ‘s comfortable and not bulky, it looks good too!

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